Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Week Through Pictures

10 days in Mississippi

Things I did not photograph:

more pictures with Millie and her grandparents

my plate on T-Day

other family members besides Nick, myself, and my baby

strolling around the block a couple times a day

Nick's deer he shot on Wednesday

Nick's brother coming to visit in G'ville

my mom's Christmas decorations

dinner at Doe's Eat Place

daddy's steak that was as good as Doe's

Millie sleeping from 7 pm to 7:10 am one night

Looking forward to Christmas already!


  1. Baby Clark's!!!!??? Oh my goodness....too precious!

    You are such a great photographer. Makes me really, really miss the Delta!!!!

  2. So, so fabulous - what a great set of pictures. I agree that the shoes (and those adorable little legs) are too cute. Millie is amazing and the whole week looks great. Her crying in her Auburn cheerleader uniform is pretty appropriate too.

    Thanks so much for posting.