Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day

I am very thankful for all of our veterans and the soldiers that are currently serving.

Nick and I just finished watching the HBO mini-series The Pacific. It was created by the same people as Band of Brothers. Like the title implies, it is the story of marines fighting the Japanese in the Pacific during WWII. It was hard to watch what some soldiers had to go through. It was a good show, but it was also very sad. One of the main characters was based on Eugene Sledge from Mobile, AL. He eventually went on to Auburn University, and his journals were used to tell part of the story for Pacific. I think his journals are also in the Auburn library.
I'm very thankful for all veterans' bravery.

I'm also very thankful for our freedom here in America.

At our missions conference this past year, the guest preacher said this about freedom, "We did not choose to live in America. God chose it for us. Even though our country is not perfect, I am thankful for the freedoms we have. I am especially thankful for the freedom of religion."

I thank God that we can openly praise Him without fear of persecution.

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