Thursday, November 8, 2012

17 Months

Don't let this sweet face fool you.
I took this picture about 4:30 this morning. This was after we had already been up for an hour.

I think she woke up because she is still adjusting to the time change, and I think she was hungry. She had a throwing up incident at church last night. It was during dinner, and we were sitting at a table with two other families. Nick and I cleaned it up, and then we finished eating our dinner (we had nothing at home that would satisfy my dinner needs. we had to finish eating). Then we left as fast as we could. So Millie went to bed with nothing more than a few crackers for dinner.
 (She does this every morning when I make the bed. She climbs on the bed, gets under the covers, and just sits.)

I have been so tired all day. I slept for about 10 minutes during Millie's nap. Millie slept about an hour and a half. That is about as long as she naps these days. An hour and a half nap is a lot longer than it used to be, but it still doesn't seem long enough.
(It's hard to get a good picture when she keeps moving.)

Even though her sleeping habits aren't what I wish they'd be, it could be worse. I am tired, and sometimes that causes me to be a bad or lazy mama. However, I am so thankful for my Millie, and I love watching her grow.
(She likes to grab a bag, put it on her shoulder, and wave bye bye.)

She is 17 months old today. She is precious and smart. She loves cheese. She throws fits over the stuff. She is very opinionated. She cares about what pair of shoes she wears. She loves to talk. She talks on her play phone all the time. She says more and more words everyday. Here are a few of my favorites. "Chee" is cheese. "She" is fish. "Tee-tee" means dirty diaper. "Heeeeeeeey" is hey. "BB" is her blanket. Until the other day, every animal was a dog. Now she can identify a bird and cat. I know most of you don't care about this stuff, but this is the only place I have recorded little details like this. I feel like a bad mom for not recording every little thing in a baby book.
(She was drinking the cup of water before she started playing with it.)

This is a picture of one of her fits (a milder one). She got upset because she wanted more water in the cup. After she poured it on the chair, the floor, and herself (twice), we said no more water. And then this happened.
This kind of melt down happens a few times a day. I can sometimes make her stop by walking away or asking her to bring me a book, or "boo," as Millie's says.

Even though Mils doesn't nap well, throws up at inappropriate/inconvenient times, and throws super fits over some really small things, like not being able to get her socks off, I'm glad she is mine. I'm thankful God made me a mama. I'm thankful God made me her mama.

It's hard to believe she has only been around 17 months. I can't picture life without her. I love you Millie.


  1. Well I certainly care about all of the details! She is darling - even if she is having a fit.

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from! Love my girls more then anything in the world but it is tough to be a mama!! It is the hardest thing I have ever done. I just have to keep praying for patients and than God every day for my beautiful family. :)
    (as emory screams in the background as I type this :) )