Thursday, November 29, 2012


It has been a week since Thanksgiving, and I've finally recovered from being out of town. Truthfully, I just finished fully unpacking Millie and myself today. We spent a little over a week in Mississippi. We were in Madison for a few days, and we finished off the week in Greenville. 

Madison included:
park with cousins
running errands alone that included some new clothes for me
Thanksgiving dinner
a date at Julep 
other people getting Millie when she woke up at 4:30 am 
Greenville included:
going to the movies by myself
Thanksgiving at the lake along with a boat ride and dancing
dinner at Doe's (we were right in the kitchen)
attempting to take pictures with the pretty leaves, but the playground was too tempting
hunting too early in the morning for the men folk
poinsettia buying
other people getting up with Millie at 4:30 am
(in pictures below, blurriness is due to dancing)
It was a wonderful vacation. It helped that my mom came home with us. She left today, and we miss her already. Today was the first night in 13 days I had to plan dinner. I almost forgot about it.

I've been busy decorating for Christmas. I've added a few new things this year. I wish Christmas season was longer. And I plan to be done with Christmas shopping this weekend. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. It is always one of my favorite holidays.


  1. Hooray. I've been waiting for a post. It looks like you had an incredibly busy and spectacular time. You got a few good "leaf" shots. They aren't as great as the ones of Millie, though.

  2. Me again. That picture of Millie kissing Nick is the cutest thing ever. Her sidewise "smooch" is just great. And the photo of her surrounded by all of the fall gold is one that needs to be "blown up" and framed!

    1. Lynn, Millie loves to kiss. That is her ultimate 'kiss face.' And that picture of her in the leaves was Nick's favorite too!