Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Orleans

I can't believe it is November. I can't believe the election will be over tonight. I've already voted. It only took about 15 minutes of waiting, and 1 minute of voting.

We had a busy October. After Nick's conference, he had to finish preparing to take his big Professional Engineering test. This is a test that all engineers have to take after working for four years. It lasted from 7:00 a.m. to about 6:00 p.m. He was worn out.

To celebrate that October (and a lot of extra work for Nick) is over we decided to go on a trip. We also thought of it as a belated birthday celebration for both of us. We left our Millie with my sister and brother-in-law so we could go to New Orleans with my parents.

Our only plans were to eat Friday night at Commander's Palace, see Les Mis on Saturday afternoon, and eat at GW Fins on Saturday night. Commander's Place's bread pudding souffle is the best bread pudding  I've ever had! The rest of the time we enjoyed walking around, looking in some shops, and stopping for a drink every now and then.

We stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast on Magazine Street. It is called the Terrell House. The house was lovely, and the breakfast was wonderful! This was my first stay in a bed and breakfast were we actually ate breakfast with other guest at the dining room table.

We downloaded the music on the way down so we could be familiar with it. We also listened to it on the way home. I'm still singing these songs in my head.. 
Our rooms were on the third floor. There were two bedrooms with a sitting area in between them. These are the third floor stairs.
This is the courtyard. They were setting up for a wedding on Saturday. 
On Saturday we strolled down Magazine Street before heading to the French Quarter. We found a place to eat lunch, and then we went to Armstrong Park where the theater was located. We went to the 2:00 show. The play was wonderful!

After theplay, we walked across the French Quarter to Cafe Du Monde. 
I had to get a beignet and cafe au lait.
 This was the only photographed food of the trip.
We walked by the river before heading to dinner.
We were worn out from walking all day (and going up and down the stairs in the B and B). However, it was a wonderful trip. 

Here are a few more shots of our bed and breakfast before we left. We were able to go in a few of the other rooms because they were being cleaned. There were so many little details I didn't get a chance to photograph. It was a great place to stay. 

Thank you Spooners for keeping Millie. We had a fabulous time. We loved the B and B, food, and the play!


  1. mama said the b&b is the way to go instead of hotels. after seeing your pictures i can see why. wow! it's lovely.

  2. What a great trip. I love your amazing photos. I've always been sort of leery about B & B's, but you might just change my mind!