Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Finally Feels Like Christmas Time

We are well into December, but it wasn't until this morning that it felt like the Christmas season. The past week or two has felt more like April than December. Despite the warm days,I have decorated for Christmas, and I've tried my best to get in the holiday spirit. 
 December 1st started out with these three drinking milk with a BB in their lap and watching Polar Express.
  Millie before church on the first Sunday of December. 
I'm loving our Advent calendar and Christmas card display. I bought all of the materials for these things at World Market. My favorite are the bird and dog clips holding the pictures. My plan was to write a daily activity on the back of each numbered card and count down to Christmas. However, I hung them up before I wrote on all of them to see how it would look. Then I didn't want to go back and write on them after they were hung, so I made our list in my notebook. We are not diligently following the list, but I thought it would be a fun tradition to start. It should be more fun when Millie is older and can participate more in the activities!
  I really like my owl paper too. It also came from World Market.
  I decorated Millie's room with non-breakable ornaments. 

Today we met some friends at the mall to eat lunch, go see Santa, and ride the train. Lunch went well. Then we walked to the train. Millie kept saying no. She didn't want to get on. But I had already paid, and I thought she would like it once it started. So the only way to get her to go was to ride along. 

This is me and all the babies on the little train in the mall. 
 It took a lap around the track, but she eventually liked it. 
 Finley only screamed like this when we passed her mama. The boy in front of us had a blast though. 
 Can't you tell how much fun they were having?
 Quinn was perfect the whole time. 
 Glad to be off. She just likes to look at it and say, "choo-choo."
When we got off Santa was on lunch duty. That was probably best. Millie wouldn't want to see him anyways. 

I hope your December is off to a joyous start!


  1. Love these. That photo of you grinning so hopefully and the two tearful babies is priceless!

  2. i love the girls crying on the train. i mean, i'm sad they were sad. but the pictures are funny.