Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Leading Up to Christmas

The week before Christmas was full of activities. 

On Monday I made these ornaments with Millie and Laurie. I used this recipe from Pinterest.
If I make these again I would roll them out thicker and cook them longer. The directions also said to poke holes to prevent air bubbles. I think poking the holes made the ornament look worse. I made one without the poking, and it turned out fine. I wrote their initials with the point of a mechanical pencil without the lead. Laurie's ornaments turned out better because she was more cooperative.  
That night was this party that I wrote about last week. 

Tuesday, Santa came to Nick's office. Every year one of Nick's bosses dresses up as Santa. All the office children are invited along with some nieces and nephews. They get presents, cookies, and juice. It is a cute tradition. 
Stephen loved Santa.
 The girls didn't like him so much.
 They all loved the toys he gave them. Millie got a talking baby doll.
 Laurie got a miniature baby doll stroller, and Stephen got an action figure that shoots something.
Wednesday was full of last minute wrapping, errand running, and cleaning. 
My family came into to town on Thursday, and Nick and I went to our last Christmas party. 

Then Friday morning I became an aunt again when baby George was born. 
Friday night these girls found a way to relax after such an exciting day. They enjoyed Beauty and the Beast on my bed.
The weekend was full of children watching, Costco shopping, eating, and waiting on Christmas. More to come about Christmas Day soon.

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  1. Fabulous photos.The ornaments are darling and the kids are just too cute for words. Millie's holiday "jumper/onesie/overalls" (not sure which best describes it) is great. The girls on your bed remind me of you and SB at Chuck's. Can hardly wait for more photos.