Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Parties

Yesterday was a day of parties. It started out with Millie's precious preschool party. They ate some pizza, read a book, and decorated cookies. Most of the kids just ate the icing and sprinkles instead of the actual cookie. This is a sweet class. 

Last night was a party for the grown ups. We have been a part of a couples Bible study that meets on Monday nights (I think I've mentioned this group before) for about five years now. The group has been together longer than that. We had our annual Christmas party last night that included good friends, good food, and a fun game of dirty Santa. We ended up with some scandalous men's underwear and an invitation for a steak dinner.

My camera was on the wrong setting for some of these pictures, and some of the them are blurry. Then one picture focused on the person in front, and it made the people behind him blurry. These pictures aren't perfect, but I still like capturing the night with our friends. I should have handed the camera over to the photographer in the room! 
We love all these people, and we missed those that weren't there! 

Just for fun, here is a picture from 2010.
I know I have a picture from 2011, but I cannot find it.
Click here to see the party from 2012 .

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  1. Love these photos. I'm with the kids - icing and sprinkles are the best. And I love Millie's little curly up does. I also so love seeing your "Dirty Santa" parties. Looks like a great day for early Christmas celebrations!