Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Day Picture Overload

We spent the week of Christmas in Mississippi. 
We went to see Nick's side of the family first.
Celebrating with my mother-in-law's sister's family
As we packed up to go to my parents' house, James laid on the floor and watched "Meet me in St. Louis" for about thirty minutes. I think it is a sign of sophistication. 

We left on Christmas Eve for my parents' house. 
My cousin's children got a seesaw. We decided to try it out. This wasn't the only toy the two of us tried out over the holiday. 
My cousin Bibba made this beautiful layered red velvet and cheesecake cake.
 Notice Aubie mixed in with the nutcrackers.

Christmas Morning
SB and I gave this toy a spin too.

 Christmas Night
Table gifts this year. Many different types of duct tape (or do you say duck tape?). Pickle duct tape was perfect for Nick. He eats pickles almost everyday for a snack.  

And of course there was a dance train to Jimmy Buffet's "Cheeseburger in Paridise."
The last ones wearing their crowns. 
I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior! 
On to 2014!

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  1. I can't have photo overload. I love, love, love every single one of these! I'm always especially partial to the dance train. What a grand tradition. Happy New Year to the Freeman, Spooner, and Gillespie families.