Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 Months

This big guy turned five months old yesterday.
James is such a sweet baby. He can sit up in a high chair or supported by pillows. He enjoys rice cereal more everyday, and he is looking forward to the good stuff, like smashed peas. He is getting better at sleeping through the night. When he does sleep all night, he wakes up about 5:00. I don't mind the early wake up call as long as his sister also slept through the night (which is rare). He also thinks his sister is the highest form of entertainment, and he thinks she is hilarious. I wish I could say the feeling was mutual between them, but Millie would rather take his blanket, roll him around, or squeeze his head, than leave him alone when he is content.

In honor of James's five month birthday, I want to post some pictures that I forgot to post this fall. These are from James's Sip 'n' See at my parents' house when we were there in October. These pictures were taken when he was two months old.
The doll was a sweet gift for Millie from one of my mom's friends. 
These were taken the next day. 
We love you sweet baby James. 

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  1. Happy five months to James. Lucy, he is a doll!! And so is Millie. I love the "Sip 'n See" photos too. Look forward to seeing you soon.