Sunday, March 30, 2014

Catching Up- February

The month of February went by fast. I posted a lot of photos from this month from the wedding and baptism, but here is what was going on the rest of that month. 
Millie went through a phase of wanting to wear pajamas all the time. Getting dressed to go to school or church was a big ordeal. It usually took at least thirty minutes to get her out of pajamas. Thankfully that phase has come to an end. Now she is into only wearing panties, but getting dressed is a lot easier! 
Millie likes to help me cook. This is how she licks the bowl. 
I already posted some pictures of this precious boy in his baptism gown, but I couldn't resist a few more. 
These were Millie's valentines for school. 
Millie is also into making list. However, we have to write them for her. She really likes letters and the number 13. 

James's 6 month photo. Poor second child doesn't get a post every month like his sister did.  
And this post also ends in another Costo photo. Millie and I shared the ice cream. It was delicious!

January's recap can be found here

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  1. What a treat to click on and see your new photos. As always, your kids are spectacular... and Millie's handwriting is amazing!!!!!