Monday, June 27, 2011


Nick's family came to visit us on their way to the beach. We were invited but politely declined due to the fact that I would probably have spent the vacation in a hotel room feeding my baby every 2 hours. I'm also still in recovery mode from the C-section. But we were glad they came to see us!

Millie, meet Millie (Tu-Tu is her grandmother name)
Carsten is Nick's sister's baby boy, born 5 weeks before Millie.
We decided to dress them up to take some pictures.
Millie's little necklace was given to her by Tu-Tu. It's a beautiful pearl necklace with a diamond in the middle and her name engraved on the back. It is a special gift that I know she will be able to wear for a long time.
And don't worry, we took the necklace off after the pictures. The warning label said do not wear until 3 years of age due to the choking hazard. So for now we will save it for pictures and special occasions.

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  1. What fabulous photos! I love the way that the babies look so "worried" - like "what are these grown ups thinking?" The necklace is such a treasure. That should be the kind of think she wears (with a longer chain) when she gets married!