Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's in a Name?

The main question I get when telling people my child's name is, 'is that a family name?'

The answer is yes! Millie's name comes from both sides of our family.

Millie is Nick's grandmother's name. She is also my Millie'sCheck Spelling only living great-grandparent.

Lynn was my middle name (dropped it when I got married).

On a side note, my mom's grandmother was Mildred. Nick's mom's middle name was also Lynn, and I have an aunt Lynn. So you see, Millie Lynn Freeman is definitely a family name.

The next question is, 'is it a double name?' That answer is no. We just call her Millie.

This was the name we loved before I was even pregnant. We did discuss a few other options, but Millie was the winner. It is hard to pick a name. It's an important part of your life.

Millie, 2 weeks old


  1. I agree - love Millie. And I'm honored to share a name with such a gorgeous girl... and her gorgeous mom (even though it got dropped in the good Southern tradition).

  2. She's cute!

  3. Lucy, she is so beautiful! And so is her name!