Thursday, June 16, 2011

One Week Old (yesterday)

I can't believe Millie is already one week old! It is already going by so fast! Tomorrow will be a week since we brought her home. She has been a good baby!

Our days and nights are filled with eating, sleeping, and watching a lot of TV. We even watched
Thoroughly Modern Millie in honor of her birth. This is a funny romantic musical starring Julie Andrews (Millie) and Mary Tyler Moore. It was a childhood favorite of mine, and I ordered it a few months ago when we decided her name would be Millie.

The rest of this post is filled with many pictures of the past week we spent with our sweet baby girl.
A big thanks goes out to Lovie for staying with us this past week. She was our cook, laundry washer, errand runner, bedside helper, and middle of the night baby monitor. We also want to thank Aunt Babby, the Captain, and cousins for hanging out with us and taking care of me when I needed help. It is nice to have a sister as a postpartum nurse!


  1. Lucy, just wanted to say congratulations on that sweet, sweet baby girl! She is absolutely beautiful, and we can't wait to meet her. Enjoy every minute! :)

  2. I am determined to figure out how to post to your blog. Millie is gorgeous!!

    Lynn (in case it comes up anonymous)

  3. Congratulations, Lucy! She's absolutely beautiful. So happy for all three of you!