Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Judging A Book By Its Cover

I am almost done reading the Hunger Games. I really like this story. I saw the movie too. It was good. 

My favorite place to read is outside in the sun. I wear sunscreen, but I love to soak in the rays. 
Since I read outside, it is easier to take the covers off the books so I don't spill my sunscreen on them or rip it. After unveiling book number three, I realized that these are pretty books without the book jacket.
This picture doesn't do them justice.They are prettier in real life. 

There are only two books out of the trilogy pictured because the first one I bought is paperback. 
And I did get something on the red one. 
This is with the book jacket.
After realizing I like these books better naked, I decided to see what the rest of my books would look like minus their covers. 

I like the look. 
I like all the colors.
I think it looks better than the shiny covers. 

Another bookshelf trick is to pull all your books to the edge of the shelf. It makes the shelf look fuller. 
What do you think? 
Should I put the covers back on?


  1. Leave the covers off. They look great!!

  2. i prefer your books in the nude. looks great.

  3. I enjoyed seeing all your books nude or otherwise