Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Millie's Room

Millie has officially moved into her big girl room (even though her crib is still there). 
Millie moved into the room that looked like this. She gave up her old room for brother.
Nick scraped the popcorn ceiling, patched and painted it, hung crown molding (with Captain Steve's help), and then he painted the walls, trim, and crown molding.
This is the during process. The ceiling has already been scraped. 
This is what Millie's old room looked like, but more recently the bookshelf was replaced with her kitchen. We just moved this stuff across the hall.
This is her new room. A flat ceiling and some crown molding make a huge difference.
I'm still working on the bedding for the twin bed, and I want new light fixtures.
This room will never look like a board on Pinterest (nor will any other room of the house), but for now, we are using what we have. The dresser and bed were in my room growing up. Her crib will only stay in here another 6 to 9 months, and then there will be more room for toys. While I always sometimes wish I could buy everything I see in some picture perfect bedrooms, that is just not realistic.
I'm also not sure about what artwork to use or where to hang it. I love 'The Grand Catch' picture above the dresser. I thought about leaving it in the nursery for brother because it is a fishing picture, but I think the colors go better with Millie's room. 
 Again, before.
I love how it turned out. The paint and ceiling make-over looks better and more dramatic in person than in the pictures. I'm not rushing to get the little things finished (art, bedding) because when I rush, I buy things that I later regret.

Yesterday Nick started scraping the ceiling in Millie's old room (brother's new room). The childrens' bedrooms are going to be the best looking rooms in the house, while our bedroom needs a new paint job and some basic decorating items. Oh well, maybe we can tackle our room next year.


  1. It really looks SO good. And I totally think it's Pinterest worthy.

  2. Love it! Looks great! You can come decorate my girls rooms whenever you want!

  3. Looks great. Like where you placed everything. - Bibba