Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Cold Indoor Winter Day

This is the coldest day we've had since December.

We started it with a fire.

We then headed out for breakfast at a semi-new place here in Montgomery.
The Egg and I.
It was really good.

I got a Deluxe Egg Sandwich.
It had eggs, bacon, ham, Havarti dill cheese, tomato, and mayo.
And I had half a waffle.
And when you order coffee, they bring a whole pot to your table.
It was awesome.
They have high chairs.
We will definitely go back.

Here are my left overs that I may eat any minute now.

Millie took a nap once we got home.

I started cleaning out our computer desk.
We are soon going to get rid of our desktop and get me a laptop. We are also going to get rid of the desk the computer currently sits on.
I found all of our old CD's.

Does anyone listen to CD's anymore?

I also found 2 old IPods.
They only work when plugged in.

I started the process of listening to the old music.
CD after CD.
Then Millie woke up.

And she could not stay away from my music listening area.
I threw away most of the CDs.
With IPods, Pandora, and the IHeartRadio app, you don't really need all those CDs you made in high school.

I wish I would have invented the IPod.
Then maybe I could afford to buy this swimsuit top.

I already have the matching bottoms from last year. I just want a good tankini.
But after taxes and shipping, it gets expensive.

I was offered a job recently. If I took it, then I would definitely order this swimsuit.
I was really excited about the job for a day.
Then, when I actually thought about leaving my Millie baby, it made me want to cry.
It would have been really hard to leave her after spending 8 months together.

Then Nick and I started talking about money.
We were discussing Millie's college fund, and I told her I was really going to cry the day she leaves me for college.
I may not let her go.
But by then, I may ready for her to go.

We will cross that bridge when we get there.

I did splurge recently for some skinny jeans.
I love them, and I've been wearing them everyday.
I wish they cold actually make you skinny.
This is what they normally look like.
Skinny jeans with a clingy baby.

Later I eventually gave in and let Millie play with the IPod.
Sorry for the half naked baby. My dad is not a fan of diaper pictures.
But she had on her fleece PJs, and we had a fire.
Sorry Doc, but she was hot!

We spent the rest of our day playing and watching TV by the fire.

I knew the day would come when the bookshelves would no longer be a place of displaying photos, books, and art.
But instead it has become Millie's playground.

The dragon on the TV (played by Susan Sarandon) is from the movie Enchanted.

This day started out as what I call a 'Good TV Day.'

There were two Patrick Dempsey movies in one day.
Can't Buy Me Love was on first thing this morning, and Enchanted came on around lunch.
I really like Patrick Dempsey. He always plays a good guy.
Especially on Grey's Anatomy.
Actually, he is my favorite character on Grey's.

We eventually put more clothes on her.
As for tonight, I am preparing some hot vegetable soup from sister's food blog.
But I'm adding in some ground turkey.
So I guess it's not totally a veggie soup.
We will eat half tonight, and I will freeze half for another cold night.

I hope you have stayed warm on this cold Saturday.
As for me, I'm thankful for the exceptional warm winter we've had.
Here's to hoping that this cold does not last long!
March is only 3 weeks away!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful winter day. I've got a fire here too, but it's pretty mild. Millie is doll with (or without) most of her clothes!! And good for you for "purging" your cds.