Friday, February 3, 2012


We joined Costco last weekend.
I love it!
I could spend hours in there. 
They even give you snacks. 

Today I had some smoked salmon, cheese bread, and Dr. Pepper. 
I could have eaten a roast beef sandwich and some wings, but I passed. 
I had already eaten lunch. 

I bought all this for about $80 dollars. 
I think it's a great deal. 
I tried to calculate what this would cost at my other grocery store. 
Using estimates only, it would have been over $100.

I got 5 lbs of carrots, 24 green teas, 4 boxes of Ziploc bags, 4 cans of starch, 4 boxes of crackers, 2 bags of Cheerios, 3 half gallons of organic milk, 2 dozen eggs, bananas, chips, and a BIG jar of pickles.
Now I think that's a bargain!

Nick will probably eat all the pickles this weekend. 
And the carrots.
Then I'll just have to go back Monday!
Have a good weekend!


  1. Big George would have loved CostCo. He loved nothing more than huge warehouse type stores where he could get good buys "in bulk."

  2. I agree with Lynn. Chuck used to say that Big George would buy two tickets to hell if they were on sale.