Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movin' Stuff Around

Hello friends! I took a little computer break because of the 'fruit basket turn over' of furniture around here. 
We have multiple reasons for moving things around, including trying to improve the look of some rooms.

We are in the process of getting rid of our desktop computer. We are also getting rid of the computer desk. My mom and brother were here last week. They helped me figure out which pieces of furniture go best in our living room. We had to move furniture in this room to prevent my Millie baby from pulling over the lamps by their cords. 
I don't have before and after pictures of the living room, but I can show you our other changes.

 I'll start with Millie's room. 

I put a twin bed in her room thinking I would sleep in there when she was a tiny baby, but I never did. Only two guest have slept in here, and both times Millie slept in our room. Millie has always been a good 'night time' sleeper. She has slept in her room, by herself, since she was 2 days old. 

I was only using the bed as our changing table. This was a problem because when she had an accident, it would involve me washing all the bedding, including the mattress pad. She is also to the point where she likes to roll over and crawl around the bed mid diaper change. 

The bed had to go.

Our new changing station.
I'll show how I did the changing pad with left over fabric in another post. 
I didn't even sew anything.
Because I don't know how.
This was the dresser that the TV sat on in our bedroom. 
This used to be Nick's t-shirt drawer. 
Now on to the guest room. 
We have Nick's grandfather's old desk. We love it. Nick used it throughout college, and it has been just as useful for his grad school work and his real work. It has a lot of room for engineering design work. 

However, it is BIG. It was great for that computer we are getting rid of. The desk can also be a place to put things while trying to clean up the front of the house. 

The printer doesn't normally sit on the bed. We had already started the cleaning and moving process at this point. 


It needs some artwork and maybe some new bedspreads down the road. 
I'm keeping this room simple for now.
Don't worry the desk will not be thrown out, but it will be passed on to other family members.

Next weekend will mark our 3rd year in this house. We have painted some rooms. We have bought some furniture. We have felt settled. However, there are some areas of our house that we have not touched.
Like the walls of our bedroom. Millie has more artwork than we do.

This is, again, mid cleaning out drawers. 
There is also another baby posing in her diaper for Doc. 
I don't know why I didn't take a picture of the other side of this wall. We were trying to move furniture and clothes and keep our baby out of the way. But it had 2 chairs and a table.

The most important move we made was putting the TV up on the taller dresser. 
Are you surprised the TV is a main priority? 
We wanted to hang it on the wall, but that was not possible without some complications. 
As many of you know, your house is always a work in progress. There are still some things I want to do to the bed, and we still need some art to hang on the wall.
Maybe in the next 3 years I can work on these things. 

I also cleaned out this closet in our kitchen.
I'll save the make over for the next post.
I'll also show you a trick for keeping up with all those plastic bags.

Like I said, it's a work in progress, and right now we are working with what we have. We also have to make sure it is safe and practical for a baby. Our book shelves have nothing on them due to the fact that Millie can now climb onto the bookshelf.

Sometimes I like to think of what we could do with more money. Or maybe if I could copy and paste all the pretty pictures from Pinterest onto my house, then it would look like I want. But I am very thankful for what we have, and I appreciate it more and more everyday. Now I need to work on keeping this house clean and go sweep up all the Cheerios Millie threw on the floor.


  1. i miss your face. and i wish my house was as clean as yours is right now. haha.

  2. I love what you've done. And Doc not withstanding, Millie is adorable in diapers!