Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beach 2012- Part 2

The last day at the beach was rainy. We enjoyed ice cream cones, football, coffee, and court-bullion. I also finished my book. Yes, I read an entire book on vacation.

We loved staying on the ground floor. I recommend it with children. It was great to let them out the door and play. It helped that Lovie brought riding toys from her house. It was also easier to come and go from the beach.

The week went by too fast. We all had a really good time. I wish we could go back sooner rather than later.

Now back to reality of groceries, laundry, teeth coming in, tutoring, and cooking for ourselves.

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  1. I just cheered when I saw that this was posted! Love these. You've got a "beach baby" for sure. The pics of Millie in the sand are just too cute for words!