Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Weekend

We had a good weekend. I documented it through I Phone photos. 
This photo was actually taken on Wednesday, but Millie likes to Swiffer. I swiffered a lot on Friday. I was trying to get our kitchen floors as clean as I could. Millie likes it so much that I had to hide it from her this weekend.
This is a new favorite thing. This was Friday night. We think she needs a tent for Christmas. Right now her and Nick are just sitting under this blanket reading a book. 
Cousins came to play on our new yard toy. It may be a small play-set, but it provides loads of fun!
We would have loved to get a big play-set with swings and a big slide, but we don't have enough room in the yard. 
Stephen found the Mardi Gras mask from Nick's conference.  
Then Millie wouldn't stop taking it on and off. I had to hide this with the swiffer. 
We also made our first fire of the season. It was only 60 degrees outside at the time, but we were freezing. 
 Today after church we joined our Sunday School class for lunch at Lake Martin. A sweet couple offered to host everybody at their lake house. We all brought a dish and visited for hours.
Millie had a fun time chasing the dog and playing with the couple's high school daughter. We left a little after 3:00, and Millie slept from then until after 6:00. I had to wake her up. I'm worried she won't go back to sleep now. 
It was a lovely weekend. We also did a lot of cleaning and home repairs. I'm glad it is cooling off. I love having fires, and I'm happy that I can wear scarves now. 

I've been cooking some new things too that I hope to share soon. 
Have a good week. 

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  1. Looks like a great weekend. Tell Millie that I love swiffering too!