Sunday, October 21, 2012

House Lift

We recently had to give our a house a lift. It was literally falling down the hill.

We started noticing this a few months ago.
 This is our dining room. The wall started popping out.
 And cracks started appearing everywhere.
So we had to get the foundation fixed. We are the third house in our neighborhood this month to have this done.
The worst part, besides the cost, was digging up our plants. They put them back in place, but I'm not sure if all of them will make it yet.
  They also dug up our front porch. Each board is covering a big hole.
I thought it was funny that they brought their microwave for their lunch break. I have no idea what they ate. 
Here are the after pictures. These plants look fine. 
 I'm not sure how well these are going to end up.
Can you see the crack? This was after the job was done. It was a lot bigger. 
 Our poor porch. It is now multi-colored.
It is sad to spend so much money on our house, and I didn't even get to re-do a room. Or knock out a wall. Or re-do a bathroom. But at least our house is secure......for now.
Now we have to repaint the front of the house to fix all the cracks. We are also going to paint our kitchen just because we don't like the color. 
So I need your help. What color would you recommend painting the dining room and living room (pictured above)? And what would you paint our kitchen (pictured below)? Sorry, it is not a great picture of the kitchen. One day we want to get rid of the ugly chandelier and re-do the lighting.
I am open to any suggestions. Decorating is not one of my strengths. 


  1. Sorry that this happened to yall! I feel ya though, we had to shell out a ton of money to replace ALL of our plumbing, and it's not something you ever "see." I personally like cool toned neutrals - grays and greens - that's what our kitchen/DR/LR colors are :)

  2. Oh my, the perils of homeownership! Your house looks gorgeous anyway. I'm sure that any color you end up with will be just perfect!