Thursday, October 11, 2012

Saving It For Later

I love growing our own herbs. Most of them did ok, but the basil did amazing.
This is the plant after a lot of trimming.

First I made pesto. I put a little on my turkey sandwich and froze the rest.

It will be great for pizzas or pasta throughout the winter.

Then I froze the rest like this.
 Washed the leaves in a salad spinner.
 Stack the leaves and chop.
 Put in ice cube trays.
 Pour water into each cube. I've also seen olive oil used instead of water. Olive oil would probably be better.
 Once they were frozen I bagged them up. I can use these later in sauces or soups.
We also had a lot of jalapeno peppers that we were not eating. I decided to chop them up and freeze them as well. I hate to waste part of our garden. I'll do the same thing with the bell peppers if I don't use them soon.
The other bowl is part of an onion I chopped but was not going to use. I froze it too.

Tip: Don't chop 15 jalapenos then rub your eye. It really hurts, and it can ruin a contact.

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  1. gorgeous basil. Isn't pesto the best? I don't make it, but I certainly love it.