Tuesday, August 13, 2013

July Happenings

The month of July went by really fast for me. That was a good thing since I've been counting down the days til brother's birthday. 

Earlier in July some of my sweet friends had a little 'sprinkle' for me. We don't do big baby showers for second babies. We like to go out to eat somewhere fun and just enjoy each others company. I got some much needed diapers, and cute baby boy clothes. I'm thankful for these sweet friends and their love, prayer, and support as we all take care of our growing babies. 
On July 26, our weatherman said it had rained 20 out of 26 days, and the month wasn't even over. It seemed like the rain never stopped. However, the rain kept the temperatures outside cooler, which was great for someone that was 8 months pregnant. It also kept the pool temperatures down. This is a picture of me drinking coffee by the pool about noon one July day. It would normally be way too hot to drink anything besides ice water. This just shows how cool it was that day, thanks to the rain and clouds. And by cool, I mean the temperature was probably in the mid 80's.
Lovie and the babies swimming.
I organized some boy clothes.
We got a piano! This was at Nick's grandmother's house. She will soon be moving out of her house and in with one of Nick's uncles. Nick and his sister have gone back and forth about who would get this piano. In the end, his sister said Nick could have it, and he went and picked it up from his grandmother's. With the help of some friends, we got the 1000 pound piano in the house. It is about 100 years old.
About the second week of July, Millie officially moved to a big girl bed. She was climbing out of her crib daily.
 She sleeps great (most of the time). It is a really comfortable bed.
This was me about a month ago on July 22nd, one month away from birth date. It was also the birth day of the future king, Prince George.
 Nick made some honey rosemary fried chicken. He found this recipe online.
We served it with sauteed green beans and yellow rice. We also drizzled some of the honey sauce over the green beans. It was delicious.

We were glad that our church continued Wednesday nights throughout the summer. I love Wednesday night church. We eat dinner and visit with friends before the lesson begins. Fellowship over a meal is so enjoyable. These sweet friends were too cute holding hands.
The pictures are a little blurry because they wouldn't stop running around.
 One morning during breakfast Millie asked me to take a picture of her food.
 We went to a cute princess birthday party. She wouldn't stay still long enough to take a decent picture.
 And Millie has still enjoyed playing outside in the rain or a bowl of water. And yes, she is naked again.
Even though we are about half way through August, I didn't want to forget these little moments from last month. 

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  1. Fabulous, fabulous photos.

    I love seeing Millie sitting up in her bed as "proud as punch." What a doll.

    And I keep hearing Doc when you post the "naked" pictures - "put some clothes on that girl." She's adorable, though, and you manage to get those 1950s Marilyn Monroe poses -very flirty and teasing.

    Can hardly wait until the 22nd - down to a week now!