Monday, August 19, 2013

Missing School

This summer Millie went to preschool two days a week at our church. She loved school! Some mornings she would run to her classroom. Millie never even cried when I left her (something she usually does when leaving her in that same room for church). She learned so much, and she came home with some cute crafts.

On the last day I wanted to take a picture of her with her teachers. She loved her teacher. I was told that she would always hug and kiss her teacher when they were on the playground. There were some days that Millie would hug her and want her teacher to hold her as she was leaving for the day. However, the day I wanted to take the picture, Millie did not want to cooperate. They had a party that day with bouncy houses and pizza. She may have been tired.
End of summer happy for teachers. 
 Millie and Laurie and their sweet teachers. Again, this picture does not reflect how much Mil loved school and her teachers. 
She cried to go back and take a picture. So we tried again. But she still wouldn't cooperate. She cried the whole way home because she wanted to 'take picture school.' 

We have been out of school for about two weeks, and it doesn't start back for another two weeks. Every time we get dressed or in the car Millie thinks we are going back to school. I think we are both ready and excited to start back. 

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  1. Sweet Millie was just upset and tired, wasn't she? I'm so glad she likes school. And I'm excited about the 22nd!