Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Brother's Birthday

Here are some more pictures from the day James, or 'Baby James' as Millie likes to call him, was born. I called him 'brother' the other day, and Millie got on to me saying, "no, that's baby James, not brother." Hopefully she will eventually catch on that he is in fact her brother. 
Last picture as a family of three. Of course Millie didn't want to cooperate. I wanted the picture anyways. 
I went in last Thursday at 9:00 to get ready for a c-section at 11:00. I scheduled it later in the morning to give family time to get here. The morning went by pretty fast. I was able to take a shower at home and make sure I had everything I needed to take to the hospital. I was a little thirsty and hungry because I wasn't able to eat or drink anything since midnight. I was starving by that evening because I wasn't able to eat anything after the surgery until the next day. 

Waiting on James. 
 Delivery time! 
I'm just warning you, there are a lot of pictures below. 
My first time to hold this sweet baby.
A second c-section was much easier than the first, and it was much less stressful. My doctors, nurses, and the anesthesiologist were wonderful! As I was waiting on the actual procedure to start (and the lower half of my body was numb), I was the most relaxed I'd been in weeks. I wasn't even nervous about getting the anesthesia. When Millie was born, Nick watched the epidural and almost passed out, and I cried for a little while. It was more dramatic than the c-section. This go around was much smoother, and I didn't start to feel any pain until later in the evening.

We are so in love with our baby boy. Every report on him was wonderful. His APGAR score was a 9/10 (not sure if I wrote that right). The nurse said babies hardly get scores of 10, which is the best he could get. We thank God for such a healthy baby!

I have many more hospital pictures that I plan to post soon. 

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  1. James is fabulous, and I love seeing all of the pictures! So glad he's here and that your little family is now a family of four!