Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tuesday Swimming

This summer I had a standing swim day every Tuesday. I emailed a lot of friends at the beginning of the summer and said that every Tuesday between 10 and 2 we would be swimming, and they are welcome to come. Since we didn't go anywhere all summer, I wouldn't have to cancel expect for weather or illness. Thankfully, I never had to cancel.
We had guest come every Tuesday. I didn't make people RSVP, so every week was a surprise to see who was coming. One of the most fun parts was that a different crowd came every week. We never had the exact same group of people come. Friends would bring their lunch. Sometimes we would pull out the popsicles. We mostly swam, but sometimes kids would play on the other side of the fence too. It was a great Tuesday activity. It also led to some pretty good naps for Mil and myself. 
This past Tuesday was the last of our 'Swimming Tuesdays.' All of these pictures were taken two weeks ago. I wish I would have pulled out my camera other weeks as well. I hate that there were a lot of other 'regulars' that missed this week of picture taking.
 Sweet friends. 
Thanks to everyone that came all summer. We loved having you! 

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  1. That's a lot of darling kids! What a great idea for the summer months.