Monday, September 2, 2013

More Hospital Pictures

This was the best we could do at the classic family picture in the hospital bed. 

James was named after two wonderful people. James is my dad's first name (even though that is not what he goes by), and Nicholas is obviously from Nick's name. We like the name Nicholas, but we didn't want a Jr. So we thought it would make a great middle name. 

James and his namesake 
James and his daddy
This was the outfit that Nick wore home from the hospital almost 28 years ago. 
Just like Kate Middleton, I'm not afraid to show my post baby bump leaving the hospital.
Finally getting to go home! We had to stay one night longer than expected because my blood count was low. But everything was fine, and I was glad to be going home.

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  1. Love, love, love, love these photos. James is precious! Millie is spectacular and looks like she is settling into the big sister role beautifully. And it's great to see the whole family including the grandparents!

    Keep the photos coming please. I - and all my California friends - are so enjoying them.