Friday, September 6, 2013

Bringing James Home

We've been home for almost two weeks, and I'm already getting behind on blogging. However, I had to share our homecoming photos. 
I made the wreath on the door. It looked better in my head than it does on the door, but I couldn't resist the blue chevron burlap. I thought a wreath would be more fun than a bow, but the wreaths on Pinterest don't look as 'homemade' as mine does. It doesn't show up very well against the blue door, but I'm keeping it up there. I also have some orange burlap that I might make a bow out of in a few weeks. 
Since we have been home, we've had lots of helpers (I'll be sharing about them soon).
Millie started preschool again- 3 days a week!
We got cable TV back, but we didn't give up the Roku box. 
We are happy that it is football season again!

Have a good weekend! War Eagle!

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  1. Somehow I missed this post and I love, love, love seeing everyone. Hope things continue to go well. And your wreath is darling!! An orange bow would be a great addition for foootball season.