Saturday, September 7, 2013

Helping Hands

Thank you to all that have come to help us since James was born. 
My mom stayed for a week after his birth. She helped do everything with Millie. This was huge because  I couldn't even pick her up until recently. She also cooked, cleaned, ran errands, ironed, and much more. It was sad to see her go. 
 Over the Labor Day weekend, my cousin Bibba came to help.
She too helped by going to the grocery store (multiple times), completed some sewing projects, cooked, and played with Millie. By the way, she also made the quilt in these pictures. I'll show more of it later.
Then this past week, Nick's grandmother came. She watched James while I took Millie to school and ran an errand. She also kept an eye on him so I could take some much needed naps.
Thank you also to this daddy that has done everything in between our visitors. But if you know Nick, you know that he does almost everything anyways, newborn or not.
I'm also thankful for my in-laws and parents for helping with Millie while we were in the hospital. They made it easy for Nick to come and go from the hospital, and we didn't have to worry about her at all.

I'm thankful for all these people and their help. I'm also thankful for those that have brought us dinner and offered to help with Millie. We are definitely feeling the love.

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  1. Love seeing James and Millie and so glad that you have such a great "posse." I love y'all.