Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Preschool Again

A week ago was Millie's first day of preschool for the fall.
Millie has different teachers than she had this summer. At first I thought this would be a problem for her, but she happily walks right in every time.
She ask to go to school every morning. On actual school mornings, she tells me she is ready to go to school hours before it is time to go. I can't wait for her to learn the concept of time.  
I took these on her first day. Thankfully she is getting more cooperative when I ask to take her picture. These aren't perfect, but at least she isn't crying.
Today as we were about to get in the car, she gets her bag and ask me to take a picture again. Her school was selling these cute monogrammed bags. We just got it on Monday. I think the bag is really what she wanted photographed.
 So this is her at one week into her 2 year old preschool class, and her new school bag.


  1. Millie is a fashion queen! I love the bag, her dresses, and her fabulous pink crocs!

  2. Found your precious blog this morning! Oh my your family is adorable. Millie and James melted my heart! I look forward to keeping up with y'all! Love to you! Ruthie